PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Crafting personalized pathways 

"We must think beyond merely academics and career and open our minds to the unique possibilities that exist within the local economy. That is what the Third Wave requires."

Houston Tucker, FIGMENT

Ultimately we want to create unique partnerships within the communities to prepare students for the coming Third Wave economy. The result will be stronger and healthier communities where students are reinvesting in their own backyard. Our approach to accomplish this includes blended, flipped, online, and traditional learning.

CHARTER: Preparing for the Third Wave economy

"Charter schools have the opportunity to radically alter the way kids learn and truly prepare them for the Third Wave."

Houston Tucker, FIGMENT

From concept strategy to start-up to launch, FIGMENT can help you craft a plan that will set you apart from others and serve students in ways unheard of before now. The Third Wave presents us with an opportunity to rethink learning and preparation that will offer students the unique path they desire. 

We work with charter schools who want to challenge the status quo and do more than simply try to be better than their counterparts.

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