BLENDED: Learning reimagined

“We begin with the need not the model to craft a customized learning program.”

Houston Tucker, FIGMENT

Blended learning is best utilized when it meets a need that otherwise could not be met. It sounds simple yet too many schools fall in love with the technology and forget that it must serve a greater purpose. FIGMENT works with you to develop the purpose then we craft a customized model that meets your needs and uses the blended approach.

The beauty of blended is its inherent nature to prepare students for the Third Wave economy. This economy will blend technology with everyday life and these students will be naturals.

ONLINE: Connecting humans not data points

"Relationships matter most in an online world of learning."

Houston Tucker, FIGMENT

We work with online schools to develop a relationship strategy that connects students, parents, teachers, and staff together in vibrant ways. The end result is increased engagement, higher retention, greater satisfaction, and the potential to serve to the highest standard.

Through online learning, we have the potential to prep these students to be transformers when it comes to the Third Wave economy. If they understand the blend between technology and relationships, then the future is wide open for them.

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