FIGMENT consulting brings over 20 years of personal and professional experience in building personalized learning experiences. We don't bring an educational model from a can, we bring curiosity, questions, and care in order to craft a customized learning program that specifically and uniquely meets your needs.



Founder & CEO

"I have seen it all. Or, at least most of it during my last 20 years in education. Having worked with legislators, school officials, and thousands of parents and students, it has afforded me the opportunity to better understand "what can be" and how we might get there."


VP Client Relations

"It is my pleasure to work with our clients to ensure their needs are being exceeded. My personal experience in alternative education and professional experience in guest services allows me to serve the wants that go beyond the needs."


VP Operations

"I have the privilege of working behind-the-scenes to ensure all pieces of the puzzle are coming together nicely, and we are moving toward the successful results we all desire."


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540 Seward Drive

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