Be remarkable. Be remarkable.

Be remarkable. Be significant. Be more.

Recent ruckus includes:


  • Leading an online public school's efforts to develop its purpose, message, audience, and position in a crowded market.
  • Assisted a State DOE in assessing online providers from the customer perspective.
  • Taught a world language company how to speak the language of homeschoolers - we were not lost in translation.
  • Re-imagined an online private school and developed its position in the market along with building relationships with families and schools.
  • Assisting a science-curriculum company with start-up development and go-to market services.
  • Trained a post-secondary enrollment center to improve communication and relationship skills.
  • Established a new, customer-centric culture in an enrollment center for an online provider.
  • Assisted three start-up companies in developing relationship strategies for the home school market.
  • Helping a retail company think beyond retail, build customer loyalty and increase profit margins.








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