The Virtual School Specialist.
The Virtual School Specialist.

Figment Consulting leverages 15+ years of professional experience in virtual schools, 15+ years of personal experience in virtual schools and 25+ years of making happy customers. The result is an authentic virtual school model that transforms the relationships between the school and the parent/student. It closes the revolving door, reverses the retention direction, creates real student engagement, and accomplishes the dream of finding the type of family that can be successful in a virtual school.


The current virtual school model is broken. 


* Students come and go like a revolving door.

* Retention of current students continues to decline.

* Student engagement remains low.

* Reaching the right families, well that's just a dream.


We avoid the boiler-plate, pre-packaged approach. Instead we come alongside and develop a culture, a message, and a plan that is uniquely yours in order to help you accomplish your goals.


If you want to be one of the best virtual schools . . . take the first step toward building something remarkable, and email us today:

What our clients are saying

"When I first started working with Houston I immediately resonated with so many of his ideas and loved the thought-provoking strategies he used to help capitalize on the strengths of our company. I highly recommend his work and value the high level of integrity he brings to the table."

Traci Koon, EdisonLearning

"While engaging Houston in consultant work he was a true extension of our team, helping us develop strong relationships with our customers, increase sales and awareness around our product offerings."

Erin McCormick, Middlebury Interactive

Recent education clients include:

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